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Be part of the Happiness Garden. Revitalise your body with a HotStone Bath in the beautiful Farm House.


Join the locals and partake in the colorful events. Withness how the Atsara plays planks on the audiences.​


Walk leisurely through the unspoilt nature and spot the species of plants and wildlife.


Paddle through one of the highest road passes or join the Marathon Run on Suspension Bridge.


Walk around Bhutan in Bhutan's National Costume or tickle your palate with Bhutan's National Dish.


Dedicate the merits by hoisting some prayer flags or Find your inner-self through meditation.


The Best Time To Go Bhutan

Bhutan has four seasons. While Spring and Fall are the most popular amongst the tourists, it has more rain during Summer in Eastern and Central Bhutan and chiller in Winter, each season nevertheless has its own beauty and charm, making Bhutan all season holiday destination.


Spring (Mar, Apr, May) is the season for flower lovers Appreciate the beauty of flower blossoms covering over the plains. The dry and less humid weather makes Spring the most ideal season to explore Bhutan, to trek and hike. You will also get a chance to see the Bhutan King during his partaking in one of Bhutan’s grandest festival, Paro Tshechu which happens in April.


During the Summer (Jun, Jul, Aug) Bhutan receives more rain than other seasons and is pleasantly warm, giving the best conditions for the blooms of Blue Poppy, Bhutan’s National Flower. Travelling to Bhutan during this season is much cheaper and the lush green paddy fields as well as the seasonal organic and locally grown fruits will give you a different experience.


Fall (Sep, Oct, Nov) is the time when whole country transforms into brilliant shading. Be immersed in the mesmerising golden landscape under the clear blue skies. With less rainfall and pleasant weather, Fall is another busiest period where visitors travel to Bhutan for outdoor activities and it’s another grand festival in Thimphu.


If you enjoy the cold weather, snowfalls and taking clear pictures of snowy Himalayas , visiting Bhutan in Winter (Dec, Jan, Feb) is affordable and peaceful, making it the good time for your spiritual retreat.


The Top 10 Things to do in Bhutan

  1. Hike up Bhutan’s most prominent Buddhist sacred site, “The Tiger’s Nest” at an altitude of 3.120 m.
  2. Contribute to Negative Carbon footprint by planting a tree in the Happiness Garden.
  3. Celebrate Bhutan’s colorful Festivals with locals in Bhutan’s National Dress, Kira and Gho.
  4. Taste and learn to cook Bhutan’s National Dish, Ema Dashi.
  5. Participate in Archery, Bhutan’s National Sports, aim to hit a bullseye.
  6. Admire Bhutan’s distinct architecture and design by visiting Punakha Dzong, the 2nd largest Dzong in Bhutan but yet the most beautiful fortress in the country.  Also known as the Palace of Happiness, this 500 years old monastery fortress is also the place where the Bhutan King and Queen’s wedding was held in.
  7. Trek through the beautiful Phobjikha or Gangtey Valley.  You may even spot the the rare black neck crane between end November to early March when these endangered species return to their winter home.
  8. Cultivate mindfulness and find inner peace through meditation in temple with lamas or zen in the nature landscape.
  9. Immerse into the local life by experiencing a Traditional Farmhouse stay, harvesting the organic vegetables for your authentic Bhutanese meals of the day.
  10. Pay a visit to Chimi Lhakhang, the fertility temple if you have been wishing for a baby.  The legendary Divine Madman story may sound like a myth, the book of the past success stories made the impossible possible and the incredible credible.